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Perk List
(current list for Perkmod2)


Survivor, Primary

1. Stopping Power
Bonus damage (except with melee weapons).
2. Double Tap
Increased firing speed with guns (except the SCAR).
3. Sleight of Hand
Faster reload.
4. Pyrotechnician
Picking up a grenade gives you two of that type.
You start the round with a grenade.
5. Martial Artist
You can swing a melee weapon twice in rapid succession.
You suffer from a lesser maximum shove penalty.
(L4D2 only)

Survivor, Secondary

1. Unbreakable
Bonus health when using medkits, on being revived and on rescue.
2. Spirit
If you are incapped and another survivor becomes incapped, you will self-revive.

3. Helping Hand
You revive others faster and give them bonus health on revive.

Survivor, Tertiary

1. Pack Rat
You can carry more ammo.
2. Chem Reliant
Using pills/adrenaline gives you extra health.
You start the round with pills/adrenaline.
3. Hard to Kill
You have extra health when incapped.

4. Extreme Conditioning
You have bonus movement speed.
5. Little Leaguer
You will start with a baseball bat.


1. Barf Bagged
Vomiting on a survivor calls more common infected.
2. Blind Luck
Vomiting on a survivor will block more of their HUD.
You have a shorter cooldown.
3. Dead Wreckening
Common infected deal bonus damage against vomited survivors.
4. Motion Sickness
You can vomit and move at the same time.
You have bonus movement speed.


1. Tongue Twister
Your tongue travels faster and farther, and drags survivors faster.
2. Squeezer
You deal bonus damage with your tongue.
3. Drag and Drop
You have a much shorter cooldown.
You can release a survivor at will by clicking ATTACK2.
4. Smoke IT!
You can walk while pulling survivors.
Thanks to Olj for this perk!


1. Body Slam
On pouncing a survivor, you always deal a minimum amount of damage.
2. Efficient Killer
You deal bonus damage.
3. Grasshopper
Your pounces launch you much farther.

4. Speed Demon
You move at an increased time rate.
Your scratches deal bonus damage.


1. Ride Like the Wind
You move faster while riding a survivor.

2. Cavalier
Bonus health.
3. Frogger
Can jump and leap farther.
Bonus damage.
4. Ghost Rider
Near invisibility.


1. Twin Spitfire
You can spit twice in quick succession.
2. Mega Adhesive
Your spit slows the survivors.


1. Scattering Ram
Hitting secondary targets while charging will send them flying farther.
Gives bonus health.
2. Speeding Bullet
Charges are faster and longer.


1. Adrenal Glands
Increased attack speed.

2. Juggernaut
Bonus health.
3. Metabolic Boost
Increased movement speed.

4. Storm Caller
A zombie wave will spawn with you.
5. Double the Trouble
A second tank will spawn with you.
Both tanks will have reduced health.


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