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Useful Console Commands

ss_splitmode 1
ss_splitmode 2 

//To swtich between Horizontal and Vertical Splitsacreen..

name2 *** //Sets Player 2 name 

NOTE* After Creating your 360controller.cfg ( in left4dead2/cfg or left4dead2_dlc1/cfg
) you will need to type exec 360controller.cfg inside the ingame console for your settings to work 

Connecting to Servers In Split-Screen Mode

To connect to a server in Split-Screen mode you must first obtain the IP of the Server you wish to join. You can find a list of Servers and IP addresses here : Setti

Now you have your IP address open the Developer Console by using the button on your mainmenu and type this command:

connect_splitscreen localhost IP 2

Where i have put IP in the command change that to the IP of the Server you wish to join.. So for example if the Server you want to join has the IP 123.456.78.9 you would type in the Developer Console:

connect_splitscreen localhost 123.456.78.9 2

Controller configuration:
360controller.cfg for keyboard/mouse and 2 xbox360 gamepads
360controller.cfg for 2 PS3 gamepads TESTED
360controller.cfg for 2 PS2 gamepads untested.
Known Issues

1. Gamepad and mouse is controlling player 1 and i can't control player 2.
 You need a program called JoyID's.
When you have connected your controller open JoyID's and move the controller from IDE1 to IDE2.
Now when you play game the controller will be for player 2 only. 
I have attached JoyID's to this post.

JoyID credits pjpoirier


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